USBSecure - KnowledgeBase

Initial Rollout (KB2201061)
What to consider during the first USBSecure rollout

USBSecure Best Practice (KB2203171)
Best practice procedures in daily operations

Security mechanisms in USBSecure (KB2201311)
Explains the 5 security mechanisms that protect the administrator and your company from misconfiguration

StaticDevices explained (KB2201062)
Static USB devices - function and possible applications explained

Using a new license key (KB2201141)
Deployment of a new license key or conversion of a test installation into a productive installation

Temporary devices explained (KB2201151)
How temporary unlocking of USB devices works

PowerUser explained (KB2201152)
Configuration and possible usage scenarios of the PowerUser function

Backup and Restore (KB2201171)
Ways to backup and restore USBSecure configuration files

Upgrade to new version (KB2201231)
Procedure for upgrading to a new USBSecure version