FAQ – PC-Check

  • How does the central management work, although no server is needed?
    PC-Check manages all central settings in two network shares.

  • Is it possible to provide different checks to users based on AD groups?
    Yes, checks can be provided depending on AD groups, users, computers, IP address ranges and existing software.

  • Is it possible to run PC-Check on standalone computers that are not connected to the network?
    Yes. You can use the Designer to create a special configuration and copy it to the standalone computer.

  • How does the network speed test work?
    The network speed test allows each user to measure the internal network speed. Files are copied between the user's computer and a file server and the bandwidth in Mbit/s. is calculated.

  • Does PC-Check really only cost 2 Dollars per PC / year, even if I only want to equip 3 PCs with it?
    Yes, regardless of whether you want to equip 3 or 20,000 PCs with it - the 2 Dollars per PC / year remain.