PC-Check – Licensing

Enterprise usage

As soon as you use PC-Check not purely privately, but in the company, professionally or commercially, the purchase of a license is necessary. The licensing is per computer. For each computer and virtual machine using PC-Check, one license is required. For terminal servers, one license is required per user that can use PC-Check.

Each purchased license includes 12 months of product support. This entitles you to use the latest software releases and includes e-mail support in English (German on request) for technical problems at Lugrain Software GmbH. After expiration of the 12 months, the licenses can be extended for another year at the original price.

Please contact us if you need a written offer.

License Support Price per Year  
1 PC 12 months € 2,00 Buy
10 PC 12 months € 20,00 Buy
25 PC 12 months € 50,00 Buy
50 PC 12 months € 100,00 Buy
100 PC 12 months € 200,00 Buy
250 PC 12 months € 500,00 Buy
500 PC 12 months € 1.000 Buy
1.000 PC 12 months € 2.000 Buy
2.000 PC 12 months € 4.000 Buy
5.000 PC 12 months € 10.000 Buy
> 5.000 PC 12 months     > request now

To enter the exact number of licenses, simply select the "1 PC" license when placing your order and then enter your desired quantity.

Licensing example:

You have 460 computers / virtual machines in your company that are to be equipped with PC-Check. Order 460 "1 PC" licenses for the price of 920 Euro per year. At the end of the 12 months, you can extend the use for another year at the same price.


Private use

PC-Check is free for private use and for students! You can use all functions and features as a private user and student and use the help forum.