Differences Enterprise - OT

Lugrain USBSecure is available in two different versions: Lugrain USBSecure® Enterprise and Lugrain USBSecure® OT. "OT" stands for Operational Technology.

Why is USBSecure OT especially suited for the OT sector?

Different conditions can be found in the OT (Operational Technology) sector than in the IT sector. Older operating systems are often used in a sealed-off environment. The protection of USB and other interfaces is particularly important here. Most USB protection solutions available on the market require an extensive infrastructure, for example a server, a database or even access to the cloud. Lugrain USBSecure® OT does not require this infrastructure. It can be operated standalone or centrally managed - implemented only through a network share. A short summary:

  • No server required
  • No database
  • No access to the Internet
  • No cloud, 100% on-premises
  • Additional features in the OT version

The differences between USBSecure Enterprise and USBSecure OT (Operational Technology) at a glance:

 USBSecure Enterprise 6USBSecure OT 6
User-based device activationyesyes
Computer-based device activationyesyes
Central administrationyesyes
Support for USB devices and other devicesyesyes
No server requiredyesyes
Temporary activation possibleyesyes
BadUSB protectionyesyes
Support for Windows 10 / Windows 11yesyes
Support for Windows 7 / Windows 8 / 8.1noyes
Optimized standalone installationnoyes
Activation based on local user groupsnoyes
Local device loggingnoyes


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