Application examples

Example 1: Outlook and Internet access do not work

The user notices that Outlook and Intranet access no longer work. Without any diagnostic capabilities of his own, he will contact the ServiceDesk by phone and describe his problems. FirstLine support will not always diagnose the problem correctly, so another specialist is called in.

With PC-Check on the desktop, the user independently performs a diagnosis, the result of which is "Account locked". He receives an explanation with the information that the account will unlock itself after 10 minutes or he can speed things up by calling the ServiceDesk.

The user finds the error immediately: The user account is locked.

Example 2: Troubleshooting Remote Work (VPN)

A remote working user discovers that the VPN connection with the company network does not work. Without his own diagnostic capability, it is extremely difficult for him and FirstLine support to find the error. With PC-Check, he determines within seconds that the problem lies in his own Wi-Fi connection, since the default gateway is not accessible. Since he receives a simple explanation in easy-to-understand terms, he can take care of fixing the problem himself without contacting the ServiceDesk.
Of course, the check could also reveal that the user's own infrastructure is working. This is precisely the information that the user will then pass on to the ServiceDesk, making troubleshooting extremely easy.

Diagnosis with one click: No network during remote work

Example 3: SAP does not work

The user states that "SAP does not work". FirstLine Support will forward the support ticket to an SAP specialist. The SAP specialist finds out that everything is working in SAP. He may find out that there are other problems with the user and pass the ticket on to a network specialist who will solve the problem.

With PC Check on the desktop, the user independently performs a diagnosis, the result of which is "network problem". As an explanation, he receives a note (with an explanatory image) that he should please check the network cable. Either he solves the problem himself or he contacts FirstLine support and can give a qualified description of the error.

Simply explained for the user. All texts and images are freely configurable.

Example 4: Poor Remote Work performance

A user is struggling with an extremely sluggish CRM system. Without any diagnostic capabilities of his own, he will contact the hotline and describe his problem. The hotline employee may not realize that the user is in the HomeOffice and opens a ticket for the CRM specialists. The CRM specialists check your application and provide feedback that everything is fine. When the user is contacted again, the possible cause of the error "Remote Work performance" is then brought into play - but only as a vague assumption.

With PC Check on the desktop, the user can see for himself that the CRM system has extremely high response times. Since he has the option of performing a network speed test himself, the problem of "low bandwidth" is recognized immediately. As a solution, he receives the suggestion to restart his own internet router.

Easy to recognize: The VPN connection is slow