Installed in 30 minutes

USBSecure Enterprise is characterized by easy installation and easy administration. With the following short manual you are able to install the „USBSecure server“ (a Windows share) and a client within 30 minutes.

Client installation:

  • Logon to the client, which should be protected with administrative permissions and run USBSecure.msi. During installation, you will be asked for the USBSecure destination path (default: C:\Program Files\USBSecure) and the name of the USBSecure server. You can leave this field blank if you would like to test USBSecure Professional without a server or you can specify the server name later. Grant „read“ permissions for „Everyone“ to the USBSecure folder. Group „Everyone“ should not have write permissions to the files of this folder.

Server installation:

  • Create a Windows share „devices$“ on a fileserver. Grant „read“ permissions for „Everyone“ to this folder and share.
  • Copy the files floppy.cfg, cd.cfg, firewire.cfg, esata.cfg and usb.cfg from your client installation into the folder.