Easy installation - low maintenance costs

USBSecure Enterprise is characterized by very simple installation and very simple administration. The software does not require an active server or database. This saves you an enormous amount of time and effort for initial setup and operation, as you do not have to update a server or database over the years.

The entire software package is only 3.2 MB in size (zipped) and contains the license key for the free 5 PC version. As an administrator, you are able to install and operate USBSecure completely without external support.

Getting to know USBSecure

The introductory installation gives you the opportunity to install a complete USBSecure system with all components on a single computer within 5 minutes. This can be a computer inside or outside your network. The system consists of the USBSecure server (just two shares), the client and the administration interface. Get a quick overview of the software and all its functions.

To install the introductory environment:

  1. Download the latest USBSecure Enterprise package and unzip it.
  2. Start Setup.exe and select "Standalone installation".
  3. Select "Test installation with all components".

The installation will then run for about one minute and show you the first steps.

The productive installation

If you want to install USBSecure productively in your network, proceed as follows:

  1. Start Setup.exe and select "Network installation".
  2. Perform "Step 1: Create the central shares" on a computer that is to be used as a USBSecure server. Only two network shares will be created on it. The resources required are extremely low, so you can use an existing server (e.g. a file server).
  3. Perform "Step 2: Client software installation" on a standard client in your network. This is an MSI package that you can of course also install with your software distribution.
  4. Perform "Step 3: Installation of administrator software" on a computer that already has the USBSecure client from step 2.