The network speed test

Every user can independently perform an internal network speed test and convince himself of the network performance. Very interesting also for Remote Work (VPN). Of course network friendly and with minimum pause between two tests. And also fadeable, if desired.

No more groping in the dark

Provide your users with a tool that allows them to measure network performance on their own. Every network administrator knows statements like

"The network is always slow in the morning" or

"In our location we have always had a slow network".

PC-Check lets the numbers speak for themselves: The network speed is measured and the facts are evaluated.

It's not the network's fault: A very good value for a 100 Mbit connection.

With the "Explanation" button you also give the user the possibility to classify the result. Here you can explain in a simple and understandable way which locations are connected and how, and which result is expected.

VPN speed in the HomeOffice

In the home office, the network speed (bandwidth) becomes a decisive factor. Here, download speeds of less than 5 Mbit/s. are not uncommon. Below 2 Mbit/s. working (and video conferencing) can be very slow. PC-Check provides the user and admins with values so that targeted solutions can be found.