• The 24 most important PC parameters at a glance
    Users and supporters can detect the error immediately. Problems are visualized clearly and are accompanied by understandable explanations.
  • Performing standard PC checks and company-specific checks
    In addition to the standard checks (processor load, free disk space, user account locked, ...) PC-Check is able to check every company specific application for availability (TCP ports). More about TCP port check...
  • Network speed test for all users
    Every user can independently perform an internal network speed test and convince himself of the network performance. Very interesting also in the HomeOffice (VPN). Of course network friendly and with minimum pause between two tests. 
  • Performing device checks
    Every device visible in the device manager can be checked for availability by PC-Check.
  • Individual compilation of the desired diagnostic checks
    The checks can be provided per company, per AD group, per IP address range, per user or per computer. You can choose from over 20 different check types and customize all texts to your needs.
  • Central management of deployed checks
    All checks are centrally managed and provided.
  • No server, no database, no cloud
    Everything complicated is dispensed with. Central administration is done exclusively via secured network shares - so you can simply use your existing file server.
  • No agent running permanently
    PC-Check is only called by the user or supporter when needed.
  • Standalone operation possible
    Even single special computers which are separated can be checked with PC-Check - for example production computers, DMZ systems etc.
  • Easy implementation with MSI package without external effort
    With the step-by-step installation routine you have a complete test environment implemented within 60 minutes and a fully customized production installation within one day.
  • Client adaptable to any language
    PC-Check (Client, Admin, Designer) is available in English and German. From version 4.0 the client is adaptable to any language - for your international locations.

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