New in version

The following improvements have been made in version (May 06, 2023):

  • 4 new checks
    In the new version four new checks have been implemented: "WLAN available" checks if a certain WLAN is available. The check "Window exists" can be used to check whether a specific window is present on the desktop. In contrast to checking a process, it can be used, for example, to check whether a certain file is opened in Excel. "Certificate exists" checks the presence of a specific certificate and "Updates installed" only reports green if all Windows updates have been installed on the computer.
  • Check history clearable
    Users now have the option to delete the checks that have already been performed. A frequently requested feature.
  • Admin filter
    Filters can now be created for the delegation of administration, so that not every admin sees all the checks performed.
  • Display of the IP network in clear text
    The networks.txt file can now be used to define plain text names for your IP networks (v4) to show the administrator the location. For example, "Headquarter" or "HomeOffice".
  • User specific PC-Check-Admin.ini
    When PC-Check Admin is started from a network drive, user-specific settings can now be made per Admin. 
    This allows e.g. the buttons to be customized individually.
  • Many minor improvements
    - Wildcard allowed for hostname
    - When checking "Device exists", "Not exists" is now also possible
    - Designer and Admin remember window size


New in version

The following improvements have been made in version (Jan 23, 2023):

  • Number of checks increased from 16 to 24
    With the new version, up to 24 checks can now be run.
  • Check history for the user
    The user can now scroll in the client to see previous checks.
  • Admin can now also request the network speed test remotely
    In addition to the checks, the network speed test can now be requested remotely by the admin. For minimal disruption to the user.
  • Client fully customizable to your company / also to your language
    All texts in the PC-Check Client can now be easily adapted - for example, to another language.
  • Explanation variables for better explanations
    Explanation variables can be used to create individual explanations during runtime.
  • Many minor improvements
    - Improved design
    - Designer and admin remember window size
    - Admin can wake up computer via Wake-On-Lan
    - Designer offers improved editing possibilities
    - New scopes: file does not exist, directory exists / does not exist
    - Admin: Actions now accessible via context menu and 6 instead of 5 buttons


New in version

The following improvements have been made in version (Oct 08, 2022):

  • PC-Check Launcher
    The PC-Check Launcher is a mini-listener that can be started automatically on the client at startup. This gives the admin the ability to request checks on demand.
  • Scalable windows Admin and Designer
    PC-Check Admin and Designer now have scalable windows.
  • PC-Check Admin: Domain User selectable

    In PC-Check Admin there is now the possibility to select the domain user from a list for each user-defined action.


New in version

The following improvements have been made in version (February 22, 2021):

  • Expansion from 10 to 16 checks.
    With the new version, up to 16 checks can now be run.
  • New Universal Check
    The universal check allows to check any output of any command. Depending on the output, the result OK (green) or Error (red) is generated. So you can check everything! Learn more...
  • Visualization of the user account
    When checking the user account by the user or the administrator, it is now possible to immediately see if there is a problem by means of color visualization (green/red).
  • Improved visual appearance
    The client interface now has a more appealing look, making it easier for the user to follow the checks.
  • Repeating the speed test

    The speed test can now be repeated without having to rerun the complete checks (configurable).

  • Test configuration
    In the Designer, it is now possible to directly test a configuration that is currently being edited - without it having to be active. Various command line parameters can also be set.
  • Declaration preview
    In the Designer, the created declarations can be previewed directly.
  • Several small improvements and bug fixes
    Among other things, a bug has been fixed that always displayed "no response" when performing a TCP PortCheck on an IP address for which no DNS record actually exists.

New in version

The following improvements have been made in version (January 11, 2021):

  • New checks "File content" and "Event present".
    The "File content" check can be used to check whether a text file contains a specific text. The "Event present" check checks for events in the Windows event log.
  •  Free disk space" check improved
     The "Free disk space" check now also allows checking drives other than C:.
  • User account check improved
    The check of the own user account is now displayed in color. For example, the line is highlighted in red if the account is locked, expired or deactivated. Also the admin has the possibility to get information about the state of an account this way.
  • Reversed checks
    With the two new checks as well as with the checks "Ping" and "TCP port responds" it is now also possible to check for "not present". The check result is then green if a ping does not receive a response or an event is not present.
  • Acoustic signal
    Using the 3-point menu, it is now possible to set that a low-pitched tone (beep) is heard when a check is successful and a high-pitched tone is heard when an error occurs.
  • PortCheck tool included
    PC-Check now comes with the popular PortCheck tool (TCP Port Check Tool). With the PortCheck tool you can permanently check via command line if a remote TCP port is responding - the syntax is similar to the ping command. A PortCheck query can be offered to the user, for example, if a port returns a negative result in the "TCP port responding" check.
  • Many small improvements and bug fixes
    For example, files, processes and services are now selectable in PC-Check Designer and no longer have to be entered manually. In addition, the help has been improved and getting started with PC-Check has been made easier for administrators.

New in version

The following improvements have been made in version (October 18, 2020):

  • Improved installation routine.
    The setup wizard has been simplified and the item "Single-user installation" has been added.


New in version

The following improvements have been made in version (October 05, 2020):

  • TCP port availability
     PC-Check is now able to check any company-specific application for availability based on TCP ports.
  • Improved centralized management
    Checks can now be applied based on user names, computer names, AD groups, IP ranges, and existing software.

  • Continuous checks
    Checks can now be run continuously to immediately assess actions taken.
  • Call via command line
    The behavior of PC-Check can be precisely controlled by calling it from the command line. For example, it can be executed without a window, continuously or with a specified configuration file.


New in version

The following improvements have been made in version (April 22, 2020):

  • Availability of devices
    PC-Check is now able to check every device displayed in the Device Manager for availability.
  • Network speed test
    The network speed test allows every user to check the network performance. The speed test is performed in a network-friendly manner and has a minimum pause between two tests.


New in version

The following improvements have been made in version (November 14, 2019):

  • PC-Check Designer
    With the PC-Check Designer it is now possible to create checks comfortably in a graphical user interface.