• User-based management: User A can access a USB device, User B cannot
    The user is able to access the same devices – independant of the machine he logs on.
  • Device white lists: Some USB devices are allowed, others are blocked
    USBSecure Enterprise is based on whitelists: only devices listed in the whitelists are accessible – other devices are blocked. Activation of whole devices classes (e.g. any USB keyboards, mice, printers) possible.
  • Centralized management
    Clients receive their configuration (the whitelists) from a network share. If the client or the USBSecure service is restartet, the current configuration is reveived from the share. The client accesses the local cached configuration if the share is not accessible.
  • Supports USB devices, Bluetooth devices, Thunderbolt drives, FireWire and eSATA devices, floppy and CD/DVD drives, SD cards
    Comprehensive protection of your Windows clients against undesirable devices.
  • No dedicated server required
    USBSecure Enterprise requires only a minimum of system resources. An existing Windows server or a filer can be used as USBSecure server. This minimizes the upgrade and maintenance effort. Learn more about the unbeatable advantages of serverless installation.
  • Temporary activation 
    As of USBSecure Enterprise 5.0, USB devices can be activated for a limited time. So that nothing is forgotten if a USB stick is needed for 2 hours.
  • No intervention in the USB data stream
    USBSecure Enterprise does NOT access the USB data stream. It does not slow down the devices – it simply switches them on or off. Accordingly, USBSecure Enterprise is compatible even to „exotic“ USB devices.
  • Customizable to any language
    The admin interface is available in English and German. However, you can adapt the interaction with your users to any other language with a few simple steps.
  • BadUSB protection
    USBSecure Enterprise protects your machines from bad devices masked as keyboards.
  • MSI package for easy installation.
    The MSI package can be distributed with any software delivery system or via Windows group policy.
  • On-premises installation
    USBSecure Enterprise is installed on-premises, does not require a cloud and does not send data to the Internet.

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