Lugrain PC-Check® - The quick diagnostics for Windows

Lugrain PC-Check® offers you the opportunity to significantly reduce your PC support costs and increase the satisfaction of your employees and users. 

Reduce the number of PC support tickets

Lugrain PC-Check® shows the user and the supporter the 24 most important PC parameters at a glance. PC-Check is able to check any company specific application for availability (TCP ports). Users can thus identify errors themselves - or convince themselves that everything is okay. Thanks to easy-to-understand explanations, users are able to solve simple problems on their own. Many support calls become completely unnecessary. To the Application examples.

Increase the quality of your ticket processing

The remaining tickets can be processed more qualified and faster, because the most important parameters like processor load, locked account, no network and many more have already been checked and all information is already available to the ServiceDesk. Further delays such as follow-up inquiries or remote control sessions are avoided.

Significant reduction in PC support tickets
A large proportion of support tickets become completely superfluous, as users can already resolve standard errors themselves.

More qualified and faster processing of support tickets.
When a support ticket lands with the specialist, basic checks have already been performed. As a result, errors can be narrowed down much more precisely.

Clearly understandable visualization for the user
For each check, the result is green, yellow or red. Users and supporters can see at a glance what the problem is.

Immediate mirroring of the performed diagnosis at the supporter's site.
The results of a check are immediately available to the supporter - without remote connection and without additional effort.

Greater troubleshooting rate outside service hours
Outside of service hours, users can see the state of their environment for themselves - and solve many problems themselves.

PC-Check is available on the desktop at any time and will become the standard tool for your users and administrators within a very short time.

Immediately visible for users and supporters: no connection to Exchange
>> More application examples

High benefit at minimal cost

Lugrain PC-Check® visualizes the system status from the user's point of view within seconds. Completely freely configurable and adapted to your company. And all this at extremely low acquisition and operating costs. No server, no database, no cloud. Yet centrally managed.

Lugrain PC-Check® is available at an incredibly low price!

  • including professional support directly from the manufacturer or from your system house
  • including admin and designer interface for an unlimited number of administrators

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