KB2201152 - PowerUser explained


This article explains the PowerUser feature in Lugrain USBSecure.

Refers to: USBSecure Professional 4, USBSecure Enterprise 5, USBSecure OT 5

What a PowerUser is allowed to do

A USBSecure PowerUser is a user who is allowed to use any USB mass storage device temporarily. To do this, the PowerUser can click on "Unlock" in the blue message window that appears when a USB mass storage device that is not allowed is inserted. The desired USB device is thereby switched on and is available until the next start of the USBSecure service.

Switching on and logging

Make a user a PowerUser by making the entry ">PowerUser" in the USB configuration of the respective user in the USBSecure Admin. Save the configuration and apply it to the destination computer.



When the device is unlocked, the user is informed that the activation is logged. The logging can be found in the DevicesRW$ share in the AdditionalDevices directory.

Reasons for use

A PowerUser may use any USB mass storage device. Then why don't you just use the entries

service=usbstor   # USB Massenspeicher 
service=uaspstor  # USB SCSI Festplatten 

for the user in the USB configuration?

There are three good reasons for using the PowerUser function:

  1. When the blue notification window appears, you are sensitized to the fact that you are now using a possibly unsafe data medium.
  2. When you use the PowerUser feature as an administrator (instead of unlocking everything), you demonstrate to users that you are subject to the same security policies.
  3. The usage is logged.


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