USBSecure Professional 4.4 | USB Port Security

USBSecure Professional protects your company network from unknown USB devices. You can define allowed USB devices in whitelists on a per-user basis. USBSecure Professional does not require a dedicated server – all configuration settings are saved in a simple network share. USBSecure Professional was published for the first time in the German c’t – magazine in 2006 (Heinz Heise Publishing, No 4, 2006).

Worldwide, the software is already being used in more than 2,000 companies as USB security software. USBSecure Professional is easy to install and easy to use.

 Centralized Management
 Same user-based setting independent of the PC.

No server required
No server, no database – just one central share is required.

Standalone use possible
From stand-alone to > 10000 clients.

Windows 10 support
Windows 10 support and continuous software development.

Protect your Windows clients now! Download the latest 5 machine license free or order your corporate license.

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