Upgrade Version 2 –> Version 4

If you are already using USBSecure Professional 2, can upgrade your installation easily with this quick installation guide to Version 4.

Client upgrade:

  • Uninstall the USBSecure Professional software from all clients with uninstall.vbs or with your software delivery system.
  • Install the new USBSecure Professional 4 software to all clients with the MSI package.

Server upgrade:

  • The configuration files usb.cfg, floppy.cfg und cd.cfg in the devices$ share are still valid, they don’t have to be modified. Copy the new firewire.cfg file from your client installation to the devices$ share.
  • If there is a file NoShutdown.txt in your devices$ share, rename it to NoShutdown.flag. Create NoShutdown.txt additionally (empty file), if you are running  Version 2 and Version 4 clients at the same time.
  • Insert the following lines in usb.cfg in the AllUsers section:

service = usbhub # all USB root hubs
service = usbhub3 # all USB root hubs V3
service = hidusb # all USB keyboards and mouses
service = iusb3hub

In Version 4 notation *: Vid_xxxx&Pid_xxxx in usb.cfg is not necessary any longer. You can simply use Vid_xxxx&Pid_xxxx. The previous notation is still supported.