USBSecure – Licensing

Licensing is per PC. A license is required for each PC to be protected with USBSecure Professional 3. The number of users is irrelevant – except in the case of the free 5-PC license (max. 10 users).

Each license purchased includes 12 months of product support. This entitles the user to use the latest software releases and includes e-mail support for technical problems by Lugrain Software GmbH. Once the 12 months are up, you can conclude a support agreement (25% of purchase price / year).

LizenzSupportPreis (netto) 
5 PCnofree> download
10 PC12 months€ 259> buy now
25 PC12 months€ 379> buy now
50 PC12 months€ 499> buy now
100 PC12 months€ 739> buy now
250 PC12 months€ 1039> buy now
500 PC12 months€ 1360> buy now
1.000 PC12 months€ 2140> buy now
2.000 PC12 months€ 3460> buy now
5.000 PC12 months€ 5380> buy now
10.000 PC12 months€ 7890> buy now
> 10.000 PC12 Monate > request now

Licensing example:

Your company has 420 PCs, which are to be protected with USBSecure Professional. This means that you will require the 500-PC license for € 1360. The number of users working on the 420 PCs is not relevant for licensing purposes.