Free Tools

Here is an overview of our free tools:

PingTool 4.0

PingTool displays in real time the reachability of network objects. It's the perfect ping tool, but it's also a Wake-On-Lan tool and is able to check TCP ports of the objects with one click.

DeviceTool 1.1

DeviceTool is a remote device manager alternative for Windows. DeviceTool can display and turn on/off devices from remote computers on the network. 

DisplayTool 2.2

DisplayTool is a graphical tail for Windows. With DisplayTool text files can be viewed in real time. In addition, many possibilities for text manipulation are available.

PortCheck 2.1

PortCheck is a TCP port checker. Via the command line TCP ports of network devices can be checked very easily - similar to the ping command.

WakeOnLanTool 1.1

WakeOnLanTool is a wake on lan tool that will let you enable your users to wake up their computers by themselves. All texts can be configured completely freely and are therefore customizable to your company.